Role of Technology for Lawyers by Pavani Reddy

July 03 2017

The world has undergone immense technological changes in the last decade. It is, therefore, easy to appreciate the significance of Information Technology for the world of lawyers. The way people live and...
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Saurabh Bhagotra on Third Party Funding in Arbitration

June 09 2017

Originally arbitration was designed as a more cost effective method of dispute resolution to litigation. Unfortunately high-value arbitration proceedings have ended up being quite expensive as they are...
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Sarosh Zaiwalla meets Indian PM Narendra Modi at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)

June 07 2017

We were delighted to be invited by the Russian Deputy PM and the Russian Ambassador HH Alexander Yakovenko to the St Petersbourg Economic Forum 2017. Senior...
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Indian firms 'blocking' free legal market plans

Plans to free up India's legal market are being 'blocked' by law firms unwilling to give up their monopoly despite government efforts to relax restrictions. Tentative steps have been made to...
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Recapturing your assets

If you are a Retail or Commercial Bank or other Financial Institution, Company Director or Liquidator, you may have experienced at some stage the events depicted in one or more of the scenarios set out...
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