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Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers, London

Litigation can be a very lengthy, overwhelming and expensive but at Zawailla & Co Solicitors, we have a clear understand of these and we have other ways in which litigation can be resolved without the cost of trial. Our Expert Litigation lawyers will considers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a way of resolving dispute, which can often be a quicker process and less costly.

Methods to Alternative Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is a formal type of Alternative Dispute Resolution. An arbitrator can either be appointed by you and the other side or by a professional body that both sides have agreed on. Both sides will provide evidence and the arbitrator facilitates a legally binding decision. Arbitration is usually used for larger commercial disputes.


This approach involves a mediator encouraging and inviting settlement between parties to a dispute. A mediator does not hand out judgment but rather seeks to assist both parties to come to an agreement. Mediation is a highly flexible process an can end in a result that is more commercially suitable rather than obtaining a court order. 


While other forms of ADR like Arbitration and Mediation are more formal, parties involved in a case can agree at any point in time to negotiate an agreement to settle. This will be done by a solicitor, either in writing or over the phone. Alternatively in person in form of a round table meeting between the lawyers and parties. Positions can be discussed and a settlement can be agreed.

How we can help at Zawailla & Co Solicitors in London

Our expert civil and commercial litigation solicitors can help to determine whether ADR is suitable for your case. We will seek to resolve your dispute in the most cost effective way.

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