High Court Keeps Diamond Trading Heir’s Assets Frozen

May 16 2017

ICICI Bank UK PLC v. Mehta and others CL-2017-000166 Yesterday a convicted fraudster and heir to a failed Belgium-based diamond trading business lost his bid in London’s High Court Monday to unfreeze...
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How Vijay Mallya could fight extradition on political grounds

May 02 2017

Sarosh Zaiwalla, founder and senior partner of Zaiwalla & Co. Solicitors, believes it will be a "long and strenuous" process which may not succeed at the end Please click here for full article ...
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The Competition Stiffens

February 17 2017

International competition will have a impact on the steep service costs says Sarosh Zaiwalla, Senior Partner of Zaiwalla & Co  Please click here...
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Indian firms 'blocking' free legal market plans

Plans to free up India's legal market are being 'blocked' by law firms unwilling to give up their monopoly despite government efforts to relax restrictions. Tentative steps have been made to...
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Recapturing your assets

If you are a Retail or Commercial Bank or other Financial Institution, Company Director or Liquidator, you may have experienced at some stage the events depicted in one or more of the scenarios set out...
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