Disclosure, by Rohit Ralleigh

October 25 2017

Four years after the Jackson Reforms were introduced, it is easy to forget that “standard disclosure” – the requirement in English civil court proceedings for a party to disclose all documents...
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Russell Strong speaks at the ‘North Sea Operators’ Claims Conference’

November 01 2017

Russell Strong was a speaker at the ‘North Sea Operators’ Claims Conference’, an annual forum for North Sea, Baltic and Irish Sea operators.  This year, the conference was held on...
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Sarosh Zaiwalla, Senior Partner of Zaiwalla & Co, received the Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

October 31 2017

Sarosh Zaiwalla has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 at the Society Of Asian Lawyers (SAL) annual awards night and ball on Saturday...
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Indian firms 'blocking' free legal market plans

Plans to free up India's legal market are being 'blocked' by law firms unwilling to give up their monopoly despite government efforts to relax restrictions. Tentative steps have been made to...
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Recapturing your assets

If you are a Retail or Commercial Bank or other Financial Institution, Company Director or Liquidator, you may have experienced at some stage the events depicted in one or more of the scenarios set out...
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