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Our People

Lawrence Jacobson

In-House Barrister

Career Summary

Lawrence had more than 25 years of experience in private practice at the Bar, the last 16 years of which at 5 Paper Buildings, Temple, London, the Chambers of Nick Grundy Q.C. where he advised and represented clients ranging from Local Authority level and the Legal Services Commission (LSC) to foreign and domestic limited companies, limited liability partnerships, partnerships and individuals across a broad range of commercial disputes including: contract, shareholder disputes, directors’ duties and liabilities, partnership and membership disputes, guarantees and securities, factoring, civil fraud, pre-emptive remedies, construction and professional liability.

Since working as an in-house barrister at Zaiwalla & Co, Lawrence has been involved in advising and representing the firm and its domestic and international clients in the core areas of the firm’s practice including: arbitration, commercial litigation, energy, international relations and sanctions and professional liability.

Lawrence accepts appointments to sit as an arbitrator or co-arbitrator and was very pleased to sit as an arbitrator in the LSE-LCIA London vis Pre-Moot 2020 in March 2020.

Lawrence and the firm were shortlisted for the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2015 in the category: Commercial Disputes Barrister of the Year - UK; They were winners of the Finance Monthly Law Award 2017 in the catagory: Commercial Disputes -Barrister of the year - UK; and were shortlisted for the Finance Monthly Global Awards 2017 in the category of: Commercial Disputes - Barrister of the Year - UK.


Lawrence’s recent cases include disputes between:

  • Rosneft v EU (sanctions)
  • Union Marine Classification Services LLC v The Government of the Union of Comoros (concerning the merits of a s67 application and the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in an application for permission to appeal by reference to ss67-69 of the Arbitration Act 1996)
  • Erdenet v The Government of Kazakhstan (breach of contract, acknowledgement of debt and the jurisdictional gateway under CPR 6.37, value of the claim: approximately US$20m
  • Trustees in Bankruptcy and a Company in respect of the remuneration due to a bankrupt agent of the Company to the value of US$14m 
  • A GAFTA Arbitration valued at approximately US $10m
  • Two Russian shareholders valued at US$24m
  • A consortium of International Investors and an International conglomerate in an arbitration with a claim value of US$1.3bn 
  • Two Russian shareholders of an English company with a claim value of about US$40m 

Specialist Areas

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration

Professional Memberships

Lawrence’s experience in private practice was enhanced by his membership or chairmanship of the following panels:

  • The London Area Funding Review Committee of the LSC
  • The Independent Adjudicator panel appointed by the LSC
  • The Inns of Court Summary and Disciplinary Tribunals
  • The Visitors to the Inns of Court
  • Chairmen of a Disciplinary Tribunal established by the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners (CRFP)
  • Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the CRFP from 2004 to 2009

Lawrence is currently a member of the LCIA, Midland Circuit, the Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR), and the Professional Negligence Bar Association.


  • University of Cape Town BA.(1978) ,LLB (1980)
  • Diploma in Law – Polytechnic of Central London 1983
  • Called by the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn 1985


Lawrence has written and co-written several articles in domestic and international publications including an article on permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal under the Arbitration Act 1996 (SJ 15.3.16). His alternative view to Lord Millet’s Analysis in Hurst v Bryk (SJ 18.10.11) was considered by the Court in Goldstein v Bishop [2013].  Lawrence has also attended several international conferences and spoken on arbitration and litigation.