The Legal Diary - Kartik Mittal comments on the Bar Council of India’s decision to allow foreign lawyers to practise foreign law in India

March 17 2023

Kartik Mittal's comments were featured in The Legal Diary here.

The Bar Council of India on Wednesday announced that the country has decided to open up its legal sector to overseas firms, following years of campaigning by the Law Society of England and Wales. On this development, partner Kartik Mittal commented:

“This is a huge opportunity for the London arbitration sector as it paves the way for UK law firms/lawyers to represent their non-Indian clients in international arbitrations conducted in India.

“This is a welcome development and will help India fulfil its dream of becoming an International Arbitration hub.

“Both the UK and Indian legal sector will immensely benefit from this move. It will provide UK lawyers access, albeit in some areas, to the excellent opportunities that the Indian market provides and make international legal services more accessible to Indian clients.”

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