Sarosh Zaiwalla appointed as a Patron at Healing Little Hearts featured in The Times Law Brief and UK Fundraising

September 06 2019

Please find a link to The Times Law Brief here and UK Fundraising here

Zaiwalla & Co.’s Founder and Senior Partner appointed as Patron at Healing Little Hearts

City of London specialist litigation and arbitration firm, Zaiwalla & Co., is delighted to announce that Founder and Senior Partner Sarosh Zaiwalla has joined Healing Little Hearts (HLH) as a Patron. HLH is a UK-based registered children’s charity that sends teams of medical and nursing volunteers to developing countries to perform heart surgery on babies and children born with Congenital Heart Disease.

HLH was established with a view to begin making a contribution to the lack of Cardiac care for children born with heart disease in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). A conservative estimate places at least 1 million children dying from untreated heart disease every year. In the UK alone, 6,000 children are born with heart disease; they all get diagnosed, treated and operated upon on time with a 98-99% success rate.

In addition to sending a volunteer team of doctors and nurses to perform heart surgery on children for free, HLH also trains and empowers local doctors and nurses in cardiac care for children. HLH has been operational since 2007 and has operated on 1,789 children in 11 countries over 138 International Cardiac camps to date.

Founder and Senior Partner, Sarosh Zaiwalla, commented: “I am delighted to lend my support to Healing Little Hearts as a patron, who are doing such commendable work to save the lives of children in lower- and middle-income countries. I consider being part of this organisation a great privilege.”

Zaiwalla & Co. comprises four partners and eight other lawyers, all specialising in high value commercial litigation and arbitration.


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