Sarosh Zaiwalla featured in The Times following the London launch of his memoir, Honour Bound

January 30 2020

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, 29 January 2020, Founder and Senior Partner Sarosh Zaiwalla celebrated the launch of his memoir, Honour Bound, at The Law Society's Hall in London

Mr Zaiwalla, is the first person of Indian origin to establish a solicitors’ firm in the ‘Square Mile’ of the City of London. Following his successful career, HarperCollins India has published Honour Bound, his memoirs recalling his successes in more than 1,000 international arbitration and litigation cases, as well as the struggles he has overcome to date in his lifetime.

His high-value litigation cases include those at all levels of the English courts, as well as notable successes in the Supreme Court. One of the chapters entitled: “My boys don’t trust Indians” describes the catalyst to bring about diversity in the judiciary and generally in the legal profession.

The book narrates the trials and tribulations Mr Zaiwalla endured throughout his journey as a lawyer, including the Indian High Commission blacklisting Zaiwalla & Co due to Mr Zaiwalla’s judicial decision as an arbitrator going against the Indian Government. It includes successes such as how he facilitated third channel confidential dialogue between the UK Prime Minister and the Chinese Government to resolve certain difficulties that had occurred relating to the Hong Kong handover in 1997; and his involvement in the hosting of the first-ever dinner by a British Prime Minister for high profile Asian and other overseas business leaders in 10 Downing Street’s Cabinet Room.

Passage to England

Honour Bound: Adventures of an Indian Lawyer in the English Courts by Sarosh Zaiwalla, the senior partner of Zaiwalla & Co, had its London launch last night. In 1982 Zaiwalla became the first Indian to open an English law firm in the City. “While the UK has changed a great deal since then, there was never any hostility to me,” he said last night. “What I have tried to do throughout my career is respect the English legal system, but also try to add to it whenever possible.” Zaiwalla’s career has involved a range of prominent international cases in the London courts.

This was originally published in The Times and can be accessed here.

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