Senior Partner Sarosh Zaiwalla comments in The Hindustan Times regarding Vijay Mallya extradition

December 11 2018

Senior Partner Sarosh Zaiwalla comments in the Hindustan Times regarding Westminster Magistrates' Court's decision that Vijay Mallya should be extradited.

Sarosh's comments were published in the Hindustan Times, 10 December 2018, and can be read here.

"The Westminster magistrates court on Monday allowed the extradition of businessman Vijay Mallya to India to face charges of financial irregularities running into thousands of crores but the process could take months, if not more, according to a leading London-based law firm.

Sarosh Zaiwalla, founder of law firm Zaiwalla & Co. said: “Mallya is not likely to be extradited to India for months. Following the extradition judgment today, Mr Mallya now has 14 days to appeal, during which period he wouldn’t be arrested, but would remain on bail”.

“Should he choose to appeal to the Court of Appeal (which he has the automatic right to do) — it could take months for the case to be heard as it gets very clogged up. This process could take up to five or six months. Should this also go against him, he could apply for the right to appeal to the Supreme Court, which would involve at least another six weeks and if he won the right to do so, that could take more months, even up to a year,” Zaiwalla added."

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