Commercial Litigation

Судебные разбирательства

We are a leading London law firm in complex, cross border litigation for international clients from the world’s fastest developing economies including Russia, India, China, across Africa and the Middle East. 

Most of the cases we handle are conducted against large law firms, as there are usually high amounts at stake. See our Recent Successes section for an example of the level of cases we have experience in.   

Our lawyers have diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu.  

Clients come to us for our difference – our lawyers are encouraged to think outside the box to win cases. Too many lawyers rely on the status quo and cannot imagine challenging established law, even if it is in the best interest of their client. We train our team to think around the obvious in order to find a solution for our client. Our work in the ground-breaking case of Bank Mellat v HM Treasury is an example of how we developed a fresh approach to make a success out of a case which our client’s previous law firm had deemed ‘hopeless’. 

As a result of finding new and innovative approaches to challenging issues, we have had over 125 cases reported in the English Law Reports. In the last few years, we have handled three matters featured in The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases. This is a triumph for a firm of our size. 

We offer the high-quality, quick and streamlined advice which ultimately serves to keep overall costs down for our clients. Although, our clients still have the benefit of an experienced partner’s involvement in every matter. 

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“Taking on the biggest names in the industry and proving to be more nimble and strategically astute.”
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