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Rohit Ralleigh comments on Gazprom and Overgas reaching a final settlement in Global Arbitration Review and World Pipelines

February 03 2021

Read the full articles in Global Arbitration Review here and World Pipelines here, and the press release below.  Gazprom and Overgas reach a final settlement in the Business and...
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Zaiwalla & Co featured in the Dubai press this week in relation to its success in overturning a controversial judgment in the Venezuelan gold case

January 20 2021

Zaiwalla & Co made headlines this week in the Dubai press in relation to a successful result in the Court of Appeal for its client, Central Bank of Venezuela, for...
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Leigh Crestohl discusses Brexit and a new era for commercial arbitration in The Times

January 07 2021

This article was originally published in The Times and can be accessed here.  Leigh Crestohl, Partner Why London could be a leading international legal...
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November 30 2020